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Pulp and Paper

Machinery Manufacturing

Decades of Leadership in

As pioneers in pulp and paper machinery, we redefine excellence. Our cost-effective, custom solutions, powered by cutting-edge technology, epitomize manufacturing innovation.

Management systems and manpower training, improving ongoing plant performance.

Incorporating the dismantling,  overhauling, re-erection, and commissioning of the plant.

Heavy Fabrication

(Specialized Pressing & Bending)

Maintenance and manufacturing

of paper machines and plants.

Machine and plant erection

and commissioning.

Finance planning & arrangement of finance through a financial institution or bank.

Why to choose our services?

Why choose 

our services?

Why choose

our services?

Why choose

our services?

Why choose

our services?

Why choose

our services?

Why choose

our services?

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Pulp and Paper

Machinery Equipment


  • Three number helical screw flights 20/25 mm thick casted in Stainless Steel with flight profiles accurately maintained.

  • Cast cum fabricated Rotors in Stainless Steel.

  • Low Power consumption hence faster payback.

  • Proven results with cast cum fabricated Rotor.

  • Working edges duly hard-faced for resistance against wear and ensures longer life of the rotor.

  • Dynamically balanced.

  • Operating consistency at 15 - 18 % consistency.

  • Due to flight profiles and uniform slushing the plastics and other contaminants remain uncut and easily separated.

  • Easy installation.


  • Ragger is used with 'D' Hydrapulper machine to remove the trash that results from slushing secondary figer furnish.

  • It is supplied with an adjustable fabricated steel base that elevates the ragger to the proper operating height at the side of D Pulper tub Vat.

  • Once positioned, the ragger utilizes the wire that binds the waste paper bales and the swirling hydraulic motion of stock being pulped in the tub to form a continuous wire-reinforced rope.

  • The rope snags sheet plastic, rags, wet strength paper, and other light trash normally encountered in waste paper furnish.


  • Purger is used for separating of light impurities in continuous pulping and discharging system.


  • It is equipped along with D Type Pulper or any LC Hydra Pulper.

We are a Leading Manufacturer & Exporter Worldwide

Our company has distinguished itself as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality pulp and paper machinery. Our products are delivered to our clients in a safe and convenient manner. We meet higher levels of client satisfaction thanks to our professionals' extensive experience in this area.

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