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Chest Agitator

Equipped with aerofoil type propellers which are widely used for agitation of fibrous stock suspensions in vertical and horizontal chests as well as in storage towers. The special blade profile prevents the entanglement of long impurities like strings, plastic strips etc.



  • Adjustable blade.

  • Intensive mixing of pulp slurry.

  • Ease of maintenance.

  • Low Power Consumption.

  • Option for Inbuilt Dilution Arrangement.

  • All wetted Parts are in Stainless Steel.

Technical Specification

Technical Specifications

Couch Pit Agitator

  • Excellent pulping with low power consumption.

  • The agitator shaft extends the full length of the chest.

  • Two section Agitators.

  • Accept chamber comprising of perforated Screen plate with sweeping vane and discharge nozzle.

  • Easy maintenance and less space requirement Stock consistency 2.5-4%.


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