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Double Disc Refiner

Double Disc Refiner is used in Pulp Mill for improving the pulp beating degree SR to meet the paper making need. It always installed after reject separator or pressure scren to increase the pulp fiber quality.
Double Disc Refiner fits the continuous pulp beating or Chemical wood pulp, Mechanical pulp and Waste paper pulp in 3%-5% consistency which is a ideal equipment for paper puplp beating. 
Double disc Refiner consists of three main components. Worm gear. Abrasive disk (Stator & Rolar) & Floating splined Shaft.
Double Disc Refiner with the different disc diameter. values production capacity.


Technical Specification

Technical Specifications

Conical Refiner

  • The conical refiner's constriction is robust and parts in contact with stock are of SS304 

  • The refiner has central inlet feeding and is provided with a foreign material catcher in the stator body. 

  • Rotor mounting is a cantilever mounted on a hub through bolts, hence easy and quick change over of tackles. 

  • Higher bearing life and easy maintenance. Uniform and slow loading- unloading through the motorized gearbox. 

  • Conical refiner tackle has a large refining area as compared to disc refiner and short cone angle for the development of better fibre. 

  • Uniform refining - resulting in better fibre development and low energy consumption.


  • Ensures Efficient removal of printing ink, stickies, etc thereby improving the quality of paper.

  • Improves brightness and optical cleanliness and removal of stickies and to some extent removal of ash.

  • The Ellipse cell floatation system consists of two stages i.e Primary and Secondary stages.

  • The primary stage improves brightness and cleanliness while the secondary stage improves the yield.

  • Due to two stage system, the goal of maximum ink removal and maximum yield are reached optimally.

  • Simple level control loop and high reliability.


Technical Specification

Technical Specifications

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