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The floatation Deinking System comprises of series of Primary Cells and Secondary Cells fitted with injector nozzles through which stock is passed. The nozzles are designed in such a way that while the stock is passing vacuum is created which sucks the air into the injector.

The injector allows the mixing of Air to Pulp and results in microturbulence that generates a wide range of air bubble sizes. Printing inks, stickies, etc which are hydrophobic in nature adhere to these air bubbles and make a foam layer which is then separated and collected in a separate foam tank. The collected foam is again treated in the Secondary cell for maximum yield.


  • Ensures Efficient removal of printing ink, stickies, etc thereby improving the quality of paper.

  • Improves brightness and optical cleanliness and removal of stickies and to some extent removal of ash.

  • The Ellipse cell floatation system consists of two stages i.e Primary and Secondary stages.

  • The primary stage improves brightness and cleanliness while the secondary stage improves the yield.

  • Due to two stage system, the goal of maximum ink removal and maximum yield are reached optimally.

  • Simple level control loop and high reliability.


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