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High Consistency Pulper with


Samarth High Consistency Pulpers are equipped with a special cast cum fabricated H D screw rotor having three numbers of flights revolving at moderate speed. Due to gentle uniform slushing and flight profile, the rotor transmits energy which generates fiber-to-fiber friction at high consistency without any cutting of contaminants. The uncut plastics and other contaminants are then removed from the Decontaminator.


  • Mixed Waste     

  • Waste paper to be deinked
    (Newsprint / Writing Printing paper plants)

  • Brown grade (OCC / NDLKC etc) Kraft

  • Polycoated type of paper

  • Virgin pulp

  • Wet strength type of paper


  • Easy separation of fibers and contaminants such as plastics, films, adhesives, etc. without cutting them and making their elimination easier in the Decontaminator.

  • High operating consistency from 15 to 18% depending on the type of furnish.

  • Good defiberating due to mechanical fiber-to-fiber friction and high operating consistency helps easy separation of Ink from the fibers.

  • Cuts down the consumption of Deinking chemicals substantially.

  • Low specific power consumption.

  • Defined degree of disintegration due to batch operation.

  • Belt drive upto 15m3.

  • Gear drive for pulper above 18m3 Rotor directly mounted on gear box output shaft.


Technical Specification

Technical Specification